A tourism site can provide the services needed by users in the minimum time, and for this reason, travel agencies have entered the field of websites in order to be able to provide the maximum amount of information to their visitors in the minimum time, and every travel agency in It is trying to get ahead of other competitors by designing a useful and efficient website.

Tourism website design

Each travel agency has its own characteristics, so you need to be creative in designing the site for each travel agency to reduce repetition and similarity with other sites. Designing a site that is simple and creative will attract and retain customers, which is important in the world of the Internet where there are hundreds of other sites as competitors.

In the design of the agency's website, it is a suitable guide for users to easily access the site's pages and the proper layout of the site's content, if a proper connection is established between countries, cities, hotels, sightseeing and tourism centers, etc., and users can easily find the information they need. find, this will make them prefer your site over others.

Tourism website features

  • Excellent and updated graphic interface
  • Persian font and standard sizing
  • Professional display on mobile
  • Professional admin panel
  • Fast display and high loading speed
  • Introducing the services
  • Easy to manage and use the site panel
  • Solar and Gregorian calendar
  • Introduction of domestic and foreign tours
  • Booking travel tours
  • Online shopping order
  • Showing the programs of each tour
  • Send comments and points
  • Professional slideshow and slogan
  • WhatsApp online chat system or...
  • SMS system connected to the site
  • WhatsApp online chat system or...
  • Opening and closing the siteShow router
  • Opening and closing the site
  • Definition of hotels
  • Introduction of tourist attractions
  • Different countries and cities
  • Various payment gateways
  • ssl and site security settings
  • Definition of packages and tours
  • Display settings for mobile
  • Hourly backup of the site
  • Reservation system for all types of tours
  • News and articles
  • User account panel for the customer
  • Site management training video

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