Website design for services, medicine, real estate, institutions, etc.

The future of small economic businesses depends on the image that the Internet creates of them, which is obtained from their website. A dynamic and professional website is a bridge to being on the higher stage for small businesses.
Regardless of the size and scope of your business, you need an active website for your business that has the ability to communicate with your colleagues and potential customers.
Your website gives the first impression and perception of your company's professionalism to potential customers, employees, colleagues and others. We offer you the most cost-effective website design solutions that lead to the ease of your business development compared to time consumption.

service website features

  • Excellent and updated graphic interface
  • Persian font and standard sizing
  • Professional display on mobile
  • Professional admin panel
  • Advanced content search
  • Fast display and high loading speed
  • WhatsApp online chat system or...
  • Website opening and closing mode
  • Display sample products
  • Photo Gallery
  • Movie gallery
  • Information registration forms
  • Display settings for mobile
  • Hourly backup of the site
  • Manage menus
  • Management of news and articles
  • Location map and sketch of branches
  • Define multiple users
  • Daily backup
  • viewers' statistics
  • Site management training video
  • ssl and site security settings
  • SMS system connected to the site
  • Easy to manage and use the site panel

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