news site, magazine and information
news site, magazine and information
By considering important points in the field of professional website design and also considering simplicity, usability, SEO and optimization, security, speed, scalability and other important matters in news websites, we have been able to provide very suitable facilities. to provide the administrators of news sites.

Design of news site, magazine and information

News and information sites are among the most visited Internet sites. The reason for this issue is the importance of news and information on the one hand and the need of society to receive the latest news on the Internet on the other hand. Certainly, according to the number of online Internet users in Iran and the available statistics, news sites can attract a significant audience if they have a suitable design and produce useful content.
The Internet audience prefers to receive the news at the moment, and this makes users have a special desire for news sites. Today, with the expansion of mobile social networks such as Telegram, the importance of designing suitable news sites has become more important than ever. As you know, having a news site alone is not enough, and the points related to SEO and user experience should be fully observed in it. to get the right result.

News website features

  • Excellent and updated graphic interface
  • Persian font and standard sizing
  • Professional display on mobile
  • Fully professional settings panel
  • Exclusive, completely exclusive and practical widget
  • Complete header design (dark and light)
  • Fully professional and functional sliders
  • Fully professional and functional sliders
  • Latest news box
  • Site notes box
  • Create author types
  • Approval of the author's content by the administrator
  • Video and photo gallery display box
  • Wide scroll box slider
  • The possibility of moving boxes
  • Ability to change the font
  • Display of solar, lunar, and Gregorian dates
  • Site search
  • Box of the latest content
  • The possibility of inserting videos in a dedicated player
  • Site links
  • Information regiavstration forms
  • Create an audio podcast
  • Hourly backup of the siteShow router
  • Display lead or abstract
  • Display the name of the author, reporter, photographer
  • Display the number of published news
  • Show all news published on the site
  • Show the moving news bar of the site
  • Display settings for mobile
  • Hourly backup of the site
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Hourly backup of the site
  • View the comment rules form
  • Ability to share content
  • Ability to insert advertising code
  • Ability to display the content code
  • Short link written
  • The possibility of professional printing of the content
  • Ability to display the number of visits
  • Comment section
  • Show author, reporter or photographer
  • ssl and site security settings
  • Easy to manage and use the site panel
  • The possibility of liking posts and user comments

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