Support and Updates: Once launched, the website needs constant support and updates. During this phase, fix bugs and make security updates and performance improvements. Also, update the website content and consider adding new features. In custom website design, cooperation and continuous interaction with the customer is very important. At each stage of design and development, receive customer comments and feedback and make necessary changes. This helps to ensure that the final website is fully aligned with the client's needs. Therefore, for custom website design, you can work with a website design and development team or use the services of a professional website design and development company. The most important thing here is to present your needs and requirements accurately and completely to the team or company in question so that they can create a real and suitable custom website for you.

Mobile application design

An application is a type of computer software that is designed for end-user use. Most of the software that we use on a daily basis includes this definition, and only operating systems or programming languages are not considered applications.
Tablets and smart phones, like any computer, have different software. In the mobile software market, application or App for short is more established than the word software and this term gives exactly the same meaning as software. With the rapid growth of technology and software, one of the main concerns of companies and organizations is the updating of their software platform in all units. The use of modern technology along with targeted planning will definitely lead to good success.
Smart phones are not only entertainment tools, they are powerful computers that are easily portable with far more features. With the technical knowledge of our colleagues in the collection, we use these features and technologies to serve our customers and provide complete software. and produces efficiently.

Mobile application features

  • Excellent and updated graphic interface
  • Persian font and standard sizing
  • Professional display on mobile
  • Professional admin panel
  • Introduction of domestic and foreign tours
  • Booking travel tours
  • Online shopping order
  • Showing the programs of each tour
  • WhatsApp online chat system or...
  • Opening and closing the siteShow router
  • Opening and closing the site
  • Definition of hotels
  • Definition of packages and tours
  • Display settings for mobile
  • Hourly backup of the site
  • Reservation system for all types of tours

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