Corporate website design design

The significant growth of the Internet in our lives and the world around us is not a secret to anyone; Today, all businesses are looking to use this media to reach a larger audience for their products and services. A professional website can be a valuable investment for a new business or even provide traffic and potential customers for an old, traditional and weak business! A professional and rich website enables potential and existing customers to know more and effectively about your products and services and to feel a sense of ownership towards you. Ask the best for website design.

Corporate website features

  • Excellent and updated graphic interface
  • Persian font and standard sizing
  • Professional display on mobile
  • Professional admin panel
  • Advanced content search
  • Fast display and high loading speed
  • WhatsApp online chat system or...
  • Website opening and closing mode
  • Display sample products
  • Photo Gallery
  • Movie gallery
  • Information registration forms
  • Display settings for mobile
  • Hourly backup of the site
  • Manage menus
  • Management of news and articles
  • Location map and sketch of branches
  • Define multiple users
  • Daily backup
  • viewers' statistics
  • Site management training video
  • ssl and site security settings
  • SMS system connected to the site
  • Easy to manage and use the site panel

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